Have a question about Blue Sky Nursery? We’ll try to answer any questions you may have below.

How do I set up an account?

We would be more than happy to send you a credit application- you can call the office to request one. Once you’ve filled it out  you can email or fax it to us and we will then contact your references. Once we have decided upon credit terms, we will send you a letter outlining them.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept cash, cheques, and e-transfers. We do not accept credit or debit cards.

What are your payment terms & conditions?

All invoices are to be paid as per your credit terms. If not paid within terms, late fees of 1.5% a month will be charged. Any severely overdue accounts will be reported to the National Horticultural Credit Association. Any accounts showing 90 days past due will automatically be converted to COD and reviewed annually.

When is the best time to order?

Spring orders should be made in fall when our availability is released, as new and popular items sell out quickly.

Do you have minimum orders?

You can order whatever amount you would like for pick up or delivery but we do have minimum shipping charges.

How do I make changes to my order?

You can email your changes to orders@blueskynursery.ca or fax them into the office at 905-563-5256.

Do you make substitutions?

Yes. We ask if you are willing to accept subs at the top of every order form. If you choose Yes, the substitutions are made by Pete Zwaagstra, the Nursery Manager.

What kind of labels do you put on your product?

We have our own custom label that includes a name, picture and description of the product in English and French, along with information specific to the plant i.e sun/shade tolerance, water needs, and size.

Do you add UPC or pre-prices to your products?

Our custom labels have our own UPC which we can then add your specific pre-price as indicated on your order form. If you do plan on using our custom UPC’s, please let us know so that we can ensure that all of your labels have our UPC on them. You can request an excel spreadsheet with our UPC’s so you can add it to your system easily. We can also add your special retail codes, if applicable, as well as your logo and website. These services are free of charge.

What shipping methods do you use?

We ship our product with our own in-house trucks and trailers. Locations outside of our in-house delivery chart guidelines are shipped with an outside carrier and freight is calculated evenly to cover shipping costs. Customers can always arrange to pick up plants if they wish to do so.

How are shipping costs calculated?

Each customer is given a freight area which is calculated by your distance from the nursery. The delivery charge is a percentage of your order total, before taxes.

Do you ship COD?

Yes. We will ship your product to you and you can provide the driver with a cheque for the full invoice amount, or you can send an e-transfer to orders@blueskynursery.ca.

What is your claim policy?

Since we cannot control cultural practices after plants leave our facility, claims will only be accepted up to 30 days after the delivery date. Please call us with any issues you might have so we can resolve them quickly.

Who do I contact?

  • Peter Zwaagstra for Eastern Ontario & Quebec sales and product information (905)-563-4245
  • Barb Gibson for orders, invoices, statements, availabilities, and deliveries (905)-563-4245

What shows does Blue Sky attend?

  • November – FIHOQ (Drummondville)
  • January- MANTS (Baltimore)
  • January – Landscape Ontario Congress (Toronto)

Do you visit customers on request?

Yes! We always look forward to spending time with our customers so we can answer any questions or concerns someone might have. You can contact the office and ask for Derrick Bulk for Ontario areas or Peter Zwaagstra for Eastern Ontario and Quebec areas to make an appointment with them.