Acorus gramineus 'Variegatus' (Variegated Sweet Flag)

(GROUND COVER) Insignificant yellow-green blooms mid spring to early summer. Bears tiny, fleshy red berries. Sweetly fragrant, narrow, grass-like, variegated, semi-evergreen foliage. 1′ tall x 1′ spread. Full Sun/Part Shade.


Zone Zone 5
Exposure Full Sun to Partial Shade
Moisture Moderate to Consistent Moisture

Dark blue blooms late summer to early fall. Blue-green foliage. Upright, clump-forming habit. 48′ tall x 9″ spread. Full Sun/Part Shade. ALL PARTS OF THE PLANT ARE POISONOUS.

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Fragrant, white with purple tinged blooms rising above the finely cut black foliage on upright, wiry stems in late summer to late fall. 4-5′ tall x 2′ spread. Part Shade/Full Shade

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