Adiantum venustum (Himalayan Maidenhair Fern)

Salmon-flushed fronds emerge in late winter/early spring and mature to a fresh spring-green. Wiry black stems support the broadly triangular fronds that are made up of many small fan-shaped segments. 6-8″ tall x 12-36″ spread Part/Full Shade


Zone Zone 5
Exposure Partial to Full Shade
Moisture Moderate to Consistent Moisture

Bright chartreuse foliage all year long. Compact, globe shaped evergreen. Burn resistant, and no pruning is required. Ideal for small gardens, containers, or mass planting. 12-18″ tall x 12-18″ spread. Full Sun/Part Shade.

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The blooms emerge with green highlights turning to a glowing white contrasting with the black stems and lush green foliage. Blooms summer to fall. 4′ tall x 3′ spread. Full Sun/Part Shade.

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