Asimina triloba (Common Pawpaw)

Dark red-brown fragrant flowers, pawpaw fruit: green-black, 3-6 in long, mango/banana/citrus taste, edible, very large leaves, low maintenance, 15-30 ft tall x 15-30 ft wide, full sun to part shade


Zone Zone 5
Exposure Full Sun to Partial Shade
Moisture Moderate to Consistent Moisture
Native to Native

(VINE) Produces an abundant crop of kiwis that are the size of a grape with smooth, firm skin and soft juicy flesh. 15-20′ tall & spread. Full Sun. Needs staking. MALE VARIETY (POLLINATOR)

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Green spears, purple bracts, medium to large, fast growth rate, 4-5 ft tall x 3 ft, full sun to partial shade.

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