Carex rosea (Rosy Sedge)

Narrow, fine textured green grassy foliage, groundcover, rosy color on one small portion of its green seedheads, drought tolerant, slow growth rate, more vigorous substitute for Carex pensylvanica, 1 ft tall x 1.5 ft wide, partial to full shade


Zone Zone 3
Exposure Partial to Full Shade
Moisture Low to Moderate to Full Moisture
Native to Native

Dark green, cream white centre, moderate growth rate, 1.5 ft tall x 1.5 ft wide, full sun to partial shade, sport of Evergold.

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Bright yellow, green margin, green blooms, variegated, slow growth rate, blooms late spring, 0.5-1 ft tall x 1-1.5 ft wide, partial to full shade.

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