Hosta 'Bedazzled'

Slightly cupped and gently corrugated foliage starts out bluish in the centre with a yellow margin and changes to a dark green in the centre. Lavender flowers on 15″ scapes bloom in mid-summer. 8″ high x 22″ spread. Part/Full Shade.


Zone Zone 3
Exposure Partial to Full Shade
Moisture Moderate to Consistent Moisture

(FRAGRANT) Foliage has a yellow centre with a wide green margin with a noticeable sheen. White flowers on 35″ scapes in late summer. 22″ high x 42″ spread. Part/Full Shade. Sport of “Guacamole’.

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Thick blue leaves with a wide, feathered, creamy-yellow border and holds its colour until frost. Light lavender flowers mid-summer. 12-24″ high x 28″ spread. Part/Full Shade. Sport of ‘First Frost’.

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