Photo Courtesy of Walters Gardens

Hosta 'Wiggles and Squiggles'

Purple shaded flower, bright yellow long narrow leaves with thin wavy margins and wiggled edges, forms a low wide habit, blooms mid-summer, 0.5-1 ft high x 2 ft wide, part shade to full shade. SMALL


Zone Zone 3
Exposure Partial to Full Shade
Moisture Moderate to Consistent Moisture

An all “gold” sport of ‘Viking Ship’. Forms an extremely large mound of foliage that stands upright. Foliage is lightly cupped, corrugated, deeply veined and glaucous with slight ruffling of the margins. 29″ tall x 60″ spread. Part/Full Shade

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Golden wavy corrugated cupped leaves, upright vase shape that displays paler undersides, pale purple flowers, blooms in summer, 1.5 ft tall x 2 ft wide, part to full shade. LARGE

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