Myrica pensylvanica (Northern Bayberry)

This dense-branching deciduous shrub features narrow leathery grey-green foliage and insignificant flowers with grayish-white fruits that are covered with a waxy, aromatic substance that can be used to make candles, soaps and sealing wax.
Both male and female plants are necessary for berries.

Blooms late spring
5-10 ft tall x 5-10 ft spread
HARDY to -40°F (-40°C)
Drought tolerant
Attracts birds


Zone Zone 3
Exposure Full Sun to Partial Shade
Moisture Low to Moderate Moisture
Native to Native

This deciduous shrub features showy yellow, upright, flowers that hold their colour all season and cover the tree profusely. The remaining foliage consists of dark green, oblong and elliptical leaves that keep their shape and colour all season, but do not provide and fall interest. Moderate growth rate.

Blooms mid-spring
15-20 ft tall x 10-15 ft spread
HARDY to -20°F (-28.9°C)
Attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds
Deer and rabbit resistant

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Large pink inflorescence contrast with elegant, feathery, black foliage. Narrow upright/columnar habit with straight stems that shoot upwards but stay in a narrow column. Blooms early summer. 6-8′ tall x 2-4′ spread. Full Sun/Part Shade.

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