Rhododendron 'Kalinka' (Yakushimanum Hybrid Rhododendron (Elepidote))

Clusters of pink blooms with a pale yellow centre, wide-flaring wavy edges become darker pink as they mature. Moderate growth rate. Blooms May. Compact low-growing habit. 3-4′ tall x 4-5′ spread. Part Shade. HARDY to -10F/-15F (-23C/-26C)


Zone Zone 5 (H2)
Exposure Partial Shade
Moisture Moderate Moisture

Light pink buds open to pale pink-white blooms with red flecks. Blooms mature to pure white with a burgundy blotch. Slow growth rate. Blooms in May. Dense spreading habit. 2-3′ tall x 3-4′ spread. Part Shade. HARDY TO -20F/-25F (-29C/-32C)

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(DWARF) Small violet-purple blooms with wavy edges cover the entire shrub from March to April. Small green foliage that is “tacky” to the touch. Slow growth rate. Dense habit. 2-2.5′ tall x 2-3′ spread. Part Shade. HARDY -20F/-25F (-29C/-32C) *Bred in Canada by Dr. Joseph Brueckner*

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