Rhododendron 'Pearce's American Beauty' (Elepidote Rhododendron)

Bold purplish-red blooms with yellowish-green spots accented by long yellow-green foliage. Blooms very late in the season. Moderate growth rate. Broad habit. 5-6′ tall x 4′ spread. Part Shade. HARDY to -4F (-18C)


Zone Zone 4 (H1)
Exposure Partial Shade
Moisture Moderate Moisture

Wavy light green-yellow blooms with no markings, complemented by dark green foliage. Blooms early midseason. Slow growth rate. 1.5-2′ tall x 2′ spread. Part Shade. HARDY to -5F (-21C)

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Creamy blooms darker towards base, lightly flushed a pale purplish-pink and spotted orange on dorsal lobe. Blooms fade to creamy white with yellow throat. Slow growth rate. Blooms late spring. 3′ tall x 4′ spread. Partial Shade HARDY to -5F (-21C)

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