Sambucus nigra 'Instant Karma ('Sanivalk')' (Elderberry)

Lacy white flowers, variegated green foliage with cream margins, blooms early summer, 6-8 ft tall x 7-9 ft wide, full sun to part shade.


Zone Zone 4
Exposure Full Sun to Partial Shade
Moisture Moderate to Consistent Moisture
Patent Info PPAF, CPBRAF
Brand Proven Winners

Creamy pink, black fern like leaves, black red fall berries, fast growth rate, blooms early to mid summer, 7 ft tall x 5 ft wide, full sun to partial shade, deciduous.

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Pink flowers in flat clusters, golden foliage turning to yellow and red in fall, blooms late spring early summer, 2-3 ft tall x 3-4 ft wide, part sun to full sun.

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