Corylus americana (American Hazelnut)

A deciduous, multi-stemmed shrub that carries both female and male flowers on the same plant (Monoecious). Dark green, ovate and double-toothed leaves that transition to different shades of red, orange, rose, yellow, purple, and pale green in fall months. Male flowers are 2-3 inch long, yellowish-brown catkins and female flowers have much smaller, red catkins. Female flowers give way to egg-shaped, 1/2 inch long, edible nuts (maturing July or August) encased in leafy, husk-like bracts. Average growth rate. 

Blooms March to April

10-16 ft tall x 8-13 ft spread

HARDY to -30°F (-34.4°C)

Black Walnut tolerant

Attracts birds




Zone 4
Exposure Full Sun/Part Shade
Moisture Moderate
Native to Native